Choose Your Perfect Room at Beach People Hostel

Choose your ideal room at Beach People Hostel and immerse yourself in the spirit of island living. Rest, connect, and explore the wonders of Bantayan Island with us!


Guest Private Room
Private Room
Good for 3 pax

PHP 2,800 / Night

Guest 4 Person Private Room
4 Person Private Room
Good for 4 pax

PHP 4,200.00 / Night

Guest 8 person Private Room
8 person Private Room
Good for 8 pax

PHP 8,200.00 / Night

Guest 6 person Private Room
6 person Private Room
Good for 6 pax

PHP 6,200.00 / Night

Guest 1 Bed on a 8-Person Mixed Dorm
1 Bed on a 8-Person Mixed Dorm
Good for 8 pax

PHP 1,199.00 / Night

Guest 1 Bed on a 6 Person Mixed Dorm
1 Bed on a 6 Person Mixed Dorm
Good for 6 pax

PHP 1,199.00 / Night


Guest Reception Cafe
Reception Cafe

Immerse yourself in the heart of our Reception Cafe, a buzzing spot where adventurers unite, sharing stories and planning island escapades. Sink into comfy couches, embrace captivating reads, and feel the tropical ambiance as you soak in the island breeze. Our Reception Cafe sets the stage for unforgettable memories and endless laughter, where relaxation and connections flourish. Experience life’s simple pleasures, from laughter with friends to vibrant social scenes, making Beach People Hostel a true island gem of flavors and camaraderie.

Guest Shared Kitchen
Shared Kitchen

Food brings people together, and in our Shared Kitchen, culinary delights are crafted and connections are forged. Fuel your island adventures with delicious home-cooked meals prepared in our fully equipped communal kitchen. We even have a kick-ass griller for all your BBQ needs! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, the kitchen is a melting pot of flavors and cultures. Share recipes, collaborate on culinary creations, and savor the taste of authentic island cuisine. Our Shared Kitchen fosters a sense of community that goes beyond borders.